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Lo He Comes


Page 1/1 Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 Verse G Gsus G 4 Gsus D5 D5 1. Lo! 2. Ev' 3. Yea, He ry a comes, eye men! with shall Let G A clouds now all de be a scend hold dore ing, him, thee, once robed high for in on our dread thine sal ful e C G/B 8 va maj ter tion es nal slain; ty; throne; D G Thou Those Sav sand, who ior, thou set take sand at the G saints naught pow'r at and and tend sold glo ing him, ry, D/F swell pierced, claim the and the tri nailed king umph him dom Em of to for his the thine train. tree, own: A D Al deep O le ly come lu wail quick ia! ing, ly, D7 B Al deep O le ly come lu wail quick ia! ing, ly, G/B God shall Al ap the le pears true lu on Mes ia! earth si Come, to ah Lord, Am G/B C C ø G/D D 16 reign. see. come! G Gsus G 19 Gsus D5 D5 G title Lo He Comes My.Hymnary - Lo He Comes Words: Charles Wesley, 1758; John Cennick, 1752; alt. Music: Henry Smart, 1867. Arr. LW Brodine, 2018.
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1. Lo! He comes, with clouds descending, once for our sal --
vation slain;
Thousand, thousand saints attending swell the triumph
of his train.
Alleluia! Alleluia!
God appears on earth to
2. Ev'ry eye shall now behold him, robed in dreadful
Those who set at naught and sold him, pierced, and nailed him
to the tree,
deeply wailing, deeply wailing,
shall the true Messiah
3. Yea, amen! Let all adore thee, high on thine e --
ternal throne;
Savior, take the pow'r and glory, claim the kingdom
for thine own:
O come quickly, O come quickly,
Alleluia! Come, Lord,